I can see changes on the horizon. Every day we keep rising and rising” – Tuff Like Iron Undeniable rebrand that she is, Kindele Aixe aka Tuff Like Iron is forever inspired by her Trinidadian heritage and a truly kaleidoscopic kind of life lived between Kingston and Brooklyn - with a little California sun in the mix.

By the time music came calling, Tuff was already a fixture on the Brooklyn fashion circuit, feverishly churning out wearable af rmations of resilience and self-love to a culturally-aware, yet stylish New York following. In a beautiful turn of events, music would soon claim the spotlight. Tuff Like Iron covered the April 2015 issue of Irie Mag, effectively trumpeting her arrival to the international music stage.

Truth be told, from her 2014 release of the Jah Ova Evil Records produced “1986” EP, there has been no end to the shine. Word A Reggae, Sacramento Examiner, Reggaeville and many other cross-cultural spaces can bear witness.

Tuff Like Iron is etching her name on the roots music scene with singles like

"I'm Talking To You". As far as singles go, perhaps most noteworthy among them is of course her, anthemic‟ “Orange Peel”. With its accompanying video (which she also directed), the track is a massive ode to marijuana and gives praises to a natural lifestyle. Amazingly, this video has already racked up over 350,000 views on YouTube. Viewers like live show audiences, continue to be enthralled by this creative free spirit.

As the roots reggae world yearns for more Tuffness, so too does she continue to break musical boundaries. “Keep Your Head Up”(Jah Ova Evil Records), another powerful single or “No Te Rindas” (King Lion Records) in español - is pure testament. This potent bit of motivation has scaled many a language bar- rier, rightfully sparking a collaboration with Honduran rhyme maker King Fuda and a welcomed VPAL Music outing.

2016 proved to be another fruitful year for the fashion designer turned singer-songwriter. After a mem- orable interview with Irie fm‟s Elise Kelly in February, more of Jamaica began to take notice. Tuff Like Iron delivered an equally memorable performance at the March 2016 staging of an Akae Beka headlined Stepping High Ganja Festival in Negril.

She repeated the magic with a live performance at Dubwise Trinidad. This year also saw the singer in strong musical form at the Sierra Nevada World Music festival in June.

Sierra Nevada granted her the opportunity to share time and space with international roots musicians like Ras Muhammad and exchange some crucial Dub les with Paulo Baldini and the Mellow Mood crew. As an extended member of the Dubwise JA family, Tuff Like Iron has taken her brand of excit- ability and good vibes further still. In her recent move as promoter and host of Dubwise Oakland, her mission has been to feature some of the Bay Area’s best DJ’s (alongside international roots music deenders like Yaadcore from JA and Ras Attitude USVI.

Currently, Tuff Like Iron is giving more and more of her focus to live performances. In between perfor- mances there are certainly more songs of upliftment. An entirely personal account of her recent musical journey, her yet to be titled forthcoming debut album already feels promising for many. It will mark California as her of cial dub base too. The rest of the world will be hearing from her in short order. As she looks forward to the release of the album in 2017, the artiste will also be announcing of cial tour dates via social media.

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